Witan Fols Mix #3 – February 2018 – The Interior Court



Arranged psych prog mix, inspired by windy days in France, snowy twilights and the words of the poet :

Of Spiritual Accesse

When a Queen cometh to a King, her Access is founded Chiefly in this, that She can enter into his Soul and see his Lov; Enjoy the Pleasure of Communicating and receiving Delights in his Company, and the Priviledg of Access is Spiritual, and not only Corporeal. Her Soul entereth into his, her Affection Dwelleth in the chambers of his Mind, her Desire is Satisfied in the Interior Court, She reigneth in his Understanding, with her Inward Ey she beholdeth, and is Delighted in his Lov, She feeds upont it, Grows Confident by it, and upon that Confidence receiveth Strenght to becom Familiar. But Divested of this, her Access is a Skeleton. This being the Soul that Clothes her Access with Ornaments and Glory.

Thomas Traherne – Commentaries of Heaven

Tracklist :

Brimstone – Illusion / Paper Winged Dreams
The Accompany – Beside Still Waters
Pete Fine – Rita
Renaissance – At The Harbour
Companion –  Prelude To The Last Dreamers / Wine For Dreamers / Dreamers Finale
Peck, Smyth & Off – Lady Mae