Steve Baron – A Wanderer Like You (1973)

Folk-rock on a Nashville ground. An eclectic and expressive record led by an authentic songwriter and Pete Drake, the pedal steel guitarist, also at the production. The combo surprises us with warm arrangements and choir harmonies who occasionally tends to more complex statements.

Without any doubt this is a mature songwriter album from Steve Baron, yet we can detect some marks arising from his previous record with the Steve Baron Quartet where his voice leans and plays around a jazz-rock – almost psychedelic – instrumentation.
Coming at the end of the short lived Parmount Records (1966-1974), this record enlights the talent of Pete Drake, a producer behind many successful artists like B.J. Thomas, Slim Whitman, Tammy Wynette… He even crossed the discography of two former members of the Beatles, being involved on the Ringo Starr album Beaucoups of Blues and George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass.