Larry Voltz – The Last Rainbow 1981

A very special addition to the Witan Fols’ channel, the long awaited private pressed, very hard to find and only album by Larry Voltz ! Insane record, like a 76-79 David Bowie meeting Kevin Dunn & The Regiment Of Women in the majestic and immortal world of bedroom produced music.
Larry comes from Houston, Tx, as liner notes say:
“This album was written and recorded in my bedroom in Houston, Texas during the months of September through December of 1980 using Tascam 8-track equipment.”
Isn’t it grand?

The record is an absolute masterpiece, with true graceful touches everywhere. Let’s all bend a knee in the pledge of allegiance to that handcrafted synth pop country cosmic disco freakness.
Now we know more than we did. The full album is on Witan Fols. Larry Voltz!