Witan Fols Guest Mix #4 – May 2018 – Gorge Lee

Ominous and hazy folk mix by our friend Gorge Lee, alias Grog Organ, whose last release Mudslow was reviewed on Witan Fols few weeks ago.

Songs of distortion, songs of confusion. Guitars droning and strumming. Inspired by the following:
Sat on the kitchen counter. I saw the ginnel between the houses, webbed with stringy clothes lines decorated with pegs that hung above the rolling tile wall rims. Slanted backdoor utility rooms echoed further down, each with its own mechanic organ breathing steam out into the air silently. Their fans were like vocal folds humming. Looking almost still. The song of every living collective’s home. All singing in or out of unison or tune, to no one listening.

Gorge Lee, 03/05/2018