We are proud to deliver our new podcast serie curated by the french multi-talented musician Hoji Dorey, attentive listener and true pop music’s knight in shining armour. He was kind enough to provide us with a few words of introduction guiding us through his perfect world.

Hoji Dorey everyone.


A long day

00h00. Reassuring voice of a three times divorced uncle, immaculate lawn, excellent cajun barbecues, tells us of landscapes and memories of his native region, beware, the level of testosterone is high.

03h32. Prepare animals and lassos, put on your hats, santiags and rockmount outfits for that fallen cowboy’s energic lament. Hey… Excuse me young rider…it’s the first time I see you around and I like your style. Would you like to dance?

06h28. All aboard now we need to get back home before dusk. Stay calm I don’t want any fuss on the backseat, for those that don’t feel well, watch the road and turn off the screens, everything is going to be alright. Look at the landscape! Beautiful.

10h10. The radio plays flamenco guitar accompanied by an epic orchestra, hypnotized yet focused we overtake by the left lane. Dangerous. Watch out!

12h52. Break time. Solitary snack, a few hazelnuts. Only. Very well. A nap under a giant tree. We allow ourselves to be swept away by a certain melancholy without letting it take over, we stay strong.

17h07. Come on here we go again on a wall of processed guitars sound. I’m going to see again this pretty farmer, do whatever you want.

22h43. Mass time. Swept by the priest’s voice and the choral we are closing our eyes, a child is crying, get him out! It starts again. Don’t break anything either.

27h45.We ‘re going out. By the fire. A halogroup R1b-S21 type man (german) draws his guitar. For the sake of mercy… Not one of these stupid hippies who will take off his shoes and sing barefoot, I tell myself. No. Holy Modesty has been respected, melody begins, we are singing along, John is playing the tambourine, Chloe is clapping her hands, Lucas and Lorenzo are harmonizing. We are just fine.

31H50. Despite the festive atmosphere, I’m still thinking of that young flower my loving heart cries for silently… If only I had a more stable situation…maybe she would come to me. Maybe she would accept me to ask for her hand. Who knows… I need money!

35h25. I try, try not to sink into negative emotions but fatigue makes itself felt, I’ve got to make it quickly. I’m at the helm of the ship. Who wants to come with me? All right then, come aboard. How much? It’s free, come on, hurry up. No we don’t have time. Move your ass! Set the sails.

38h54. A huge and wrinkled hand rests on my shoulder. He smelled columbian tobacco and quality perfume, my stuffy nose rarely clear, is very sensitive. Anyway. He looks beat, but classy… very classy, probably one of these guys from New York, they’re all classy there I’ve been told. I don’t know. Well. Patience he says. Patience? I don’t have the time amigo I’m almost thirty! Everything is going to be alright? Easy to say but look at me, I screwed up. We’re chatting. He is the one talking actually, I’m listening. He’s good. Perfect control of the logos. He remotivates me. Admirable. I shake his hand. My bones are creaking. What a handshake! I squeeze harder. Anyway, he’s right. I allow myself a thank you. He accepts. He leaves. We’ll meet again.

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Enjoy Hoji’s last hit below.