Witan Fols Mix #2 – January 2018

First mix of the year, largely dedicated to the eastern avant-folk scene, following my discovery of the Svetlana Nianio and Alexander Yurchenko’s album recently reissued on Skire. Japanese melody, french polyphony, ukrainian musicians, italian songs, shimmering echoes from the XIIIth century to 2017,  waiting for what is about to come, as specific frequencies and rhythms aim to help you remember your inner memories as Plato understood it.  Enjoy.

Chie Mukai + Justin Simon – Nami No Hate
Księżyc – Wiatrowa
Pérotin (The Hilliard Ensemble) – Isaias Cecinit
Somni451 – Brenta
Bob Stewart – Processional
Cukor Bila Smert’ – The Great Hen-Yuan’ River
Svetlana Nianio & Alexander Yurchentko – Episode 3
Roberto Mazza – Acrostici Indolenti
Backtearer & Why Be – dc
Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus – Joy Of The Cross