Pat Nelson – More Than Meets The Eye (1975)

Rare english folk, talking blues, LP. Half studio and half live recorded in a West Sussex village pub! Released on the ‘Sweet Folk & Contry’ Label, this special find enlights with elgeant humor, popular euphoria, and great storytelling from a talented picker/troubadour.

Original LP Liner Notes:
“The City of Portsmouth may not be as famous a musical centre as, for exemple, Liverpool or London, but it has a claim to credit for the number of established folk performed it has nurtured. Of these, one of the most outstanding is undoubtedly Pat Nelson, whose spontaneous wit, lively repartee, ever-evolving patter, warm sentiment, and wide repertoire of songs make him popular with audiences throughout the British Isles as well as in the many other countries he has played.
In recent years many charities have benefitted from his appearances at functions which, through his reputation, invariably attract substantial support. Since his introduction, some years ago ti Duncan Guthrie, the internationally famous founder « Action for the crippled Chims », whose work has raised more than 7.000.000 pounds for the charity, Pat has been consistently in demand as a performer in their country-wide found raising campaign.
More formal occasions have seen highly polished civic tables act as impromptu stage, at Mayoral request, and still withstand the foot-tapping which invariably accompanies the « Wild Rover ». Pat has entertained the Prime Minister more than once.An accomplished flat-picker, Pat has the ability to improvise immediately a counterpuntal bass melody, adding color to his use of the guitar rhythm and harmony.This record is in sharp contrast to his last LP which he recorded with the Farnham Girls’ Choir. These, together with his earlier records, demonstrate a versatility ear, even in the most accomplished singers.”

A1. And You Need Me
A2; Talking Hard Luck Blues
A3. Country Roads
A4. My Son John
A5. For Loving Me
A6. Std Blues
A7. Travelling People
Musicians – Pat Nelson
Recorded – at the « Mid Wales Sound Studios », on Friday February 14th 1975.
Engineer – Alan Green.
Producer – Joe Stead
Re-Mastered by – Lorenzo Targhetta

SIDE TWOBlackHorseV2
B1. Red Velvet Steering Wheel Covered Driver
B2. The Ballad of Fred Smith
B3. Streets Of London
B4. Pollution
B5. Nobody Knows You When You Are Down And Out
Musicians – Pat was joined by Mr Smith who played guitar on tracks 1,3,4,5. By Mick French who played mandolin on tracks 1 & 4, and fiddle on tracks 3 & 5. And by Joe Parker who played electric bass throughout.
Recorded – live at « The Black Horse » in Amberley, on Monday October 7th 1974.
Engineer – John Hassell.
Producer – Joe Stead
Re-Mastered by – Lorenzo Targhetta