W.F. Guest Mix #2 – October 2017 – Silver Louzy

“A collection of pop tunes about love and self-esteem, from everlasting classics to precious and confidential recordings.” – Silver Louzy

Guest Mix #2 by Silver Louzy, who shared some personal favorites for Witan Fols. The result includes great instances of soft rock, contemporary folk, power pop, loner pop, folk-rock… Enjoy!

LouzyCoverMore about Silver. This gentleman combines by himself the legacy of a dreamy french pop lifestyle with an US early 80’s pop sound ( synth-pop, power pop). From Dijon (Burgundy), living in Paris but always traveling through France, cheering friends and family, showcasing his solo live act, touring as a professional drummer with major bands, or as a sound engineer.

His new EPOne For The Boys, is freshly available, and we suggest you to listen/buy here his solo effort coming as a self-released limited edition on audio tapes (50 numbered copies). Echoing true life experiences, the songs deal with the initiatory troubles of a young man, where he bravely opens up about eternal topics : commitment, humility, respect, hope and of course the magical mechanisms of love…