Dr. Ragtime (Jack Rose) – Dr. Ragtime (2002)

A live recording by the great guitarist Jack Rose under the Dr. Ragtime moniker in 2002.
Between John Fahey and Daniel Bachman, Jack Rose stands still. What we got here is a less than 20 minutes live. You can hear the buttons of a cheap recorder getting pressed, noises, audience talking, Jack Rose failing an intro and starting again… Raw and straight, moving testimony of the master’s technique and a space travel into a suspended time. Fingerpicking like golden hints of a rough river we attempt to follow, guided by a boatman from beyond. At the end of the journey, the destination is reached.

Only 50 CD-Rs of this crucial document were burnt by Tequila Sunrise Records in 2002.
R.I.P Jack Rose, immortal prince of american primitivism.
Hail to the ghostcapital blog, who ripped the recording six years ago.